Ahan Inna Ahagena Inna ~ Mekhala Gamage

Ahan Inna Ahagena Inna ~ Mekala Gamage (Official HD Video)


Ahan Inna ~ Mekala Gamage - Ori - HD 1280*720 Video

This is the theme song of the stage play, "Human Touch" directed by Nalinda Premarathna , which brought out impressive but long hidden talent of the people we call as differently able, into the limelight.

Title - Ahan Inna Ahagena Inna
Voice By - Mekala Gamage
Music - Ruwan Sri Walpola
Lyrics - Somalatha Herath Manike
Produced By - Nalinda Premaratna

Mekhala Gamage who performs in this music video is a visually challenged Singer from Middeniya,Ambilipitiya,Sri Lanka . She was Graduated from University of Sri Jayawardanapura .She is looking forward to become a professional singer in the country and to be a role model to all the differently abled people.

Lend your ears; have you got any sense that she is disabled ?